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Optical Storage

By lani 09 Jun 2005

This is a shameless cry for geek help!

<p>Our lab would like to archive files for the future.  We are storing large tiff files that are about 200MB each.  Hopefully, I am putting out decent data and we will need to keep the files for&#8230;let&#8217;s say 10-20 years at least.  I was looking into external <span class="caps">DVD</span> burners (both Mac &amp; PC compatible) and am currently considering the Plextor 716UF.  And whilst searching, <a href="">Blu-ray</a> and HD-<span class="caps">DVD</span> cam up.  So here&#8217;s my question&#8230;and it may be stupid because I&#8217;m not a computer person&#8230;but does anyone thing that <span class="caps">DVD</span> storage of data will be uselessly obsolete in 10-20 years?  will I need to put <span class="caps">DVD</span>-<span class="caps">ROM</span>s into storage along with them?</p> 

ruining my game

By lani 05 Oct 2004

anders knows that i have a rant involving the ivy league. and i’m not saying that they’re not excellent institutions with excellent funding…but there are other excellent institutions that aren’t ivy league too…my general rant was that to most people, the ivy league is an undefined higher entity of sorts…like god, happiness, love, and airplane peanuts. i promise you that if you poll random people on the street or even students, not many people will be able to name more than Harvard…poor Cornell…the forgotten ivy. i have asked ivy leaguers themselves who have come up with different answers. of course, some people do know all of them, but they’re usually ivy jumpers.

i see it as an interesting illustration of social hierarchy. and i know most of you don’t live in the middle of the country, like i do…but i bet that i can find a student who hasn’t heard of the ivy league. ok, so i’m going to spend the next couple days polling and will report back to you.

here’s what i’m suggesting for the poll.

information: age, gender, education, hometown/region/nomad.

questions: have you heard of the ivy league? how many are there? name as many as you can. are you attending or have you ever attended an ivy league school?

i think i should exclude people under 15. any suggestions on the poll?

also, it might be fun to try it on thraxil. you can post anonymously if you want and we’ll see what we get. no cheating and looking it up on the internet though because that wouldn’t be any fun.


By lani 10 Jun 2004

just looking for some advice. our lab is looking for an archiving system to insure the safety of our data. we were thinking of something that burns a cd every week that can be taken to someone’s home every week or something, but i just wanted to see if anyone on thraxil had any recommendations.


By lani 22 Aug 2003

So I decided to switch to linux from windows knowing absolutely nothing. I decided to keep a <a href=””>journal on my progress</a> so that computer geeks can either laugh at me or perhaps offer some insight or maybe even inspire some improvements.

gotta try it

By lani 30 Jan 2003

Delta said Song airplanes will also have personal touch-screen monitors, pay-per-view, an MP3 audio library and in-seat Internet connections.”

<p>florida, anyone?</p> 


By lani 07 Dec 2002

a couple years ago i was reading up for my still unfinished Teen Stalker Magazine idea. (i think i abandoned it after watching too many cybercrime specials on pedaphilic cyberstalking.) in trying to finish up the quiz section, i did a little online research on cleopatra because the rolling out of a carpet bit struck me as stalker material. i found a site that proposed that cleopatra was not actually as beautiful as she is made out to be in the movies ([that movie preview voice] Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra!!!), but that she really just won people over with her charm, wit, and intelligence.

<p><i>now how to turn that frown upsidedown?</i>  </p>

<p>i was thinking about this in my moon boots (for nostalgia&#8217;s sake though there really isn&#8217;t enough snow) while smoking a galoise legere on the porch.  would it be possible to pass an embarassment i can&#8217;t explain as a cleopatra moment?  you see, i did a betise (a stupid thing).  i don&#8217;t know how it happened, but my only current theory is that i have some sort of personality threshold.  beyond a certain level of nervousness and stress, i think i snap into another personality out of convenience.  </p>

<p>i&#8217;ve been thinking about my bold (at best) introduction to Jim Heath, who is apparently famous for something or other in the science world, since i returned to consciousness from all the tiring conference rigamarole.  i can&#8217;t explain what happened.  i was just embarassingly casual and weird at the same time.  i did manage to get his attention, though it was probably the bad sort.  he kept looking at me like &#8220;do i know you, should i know you, what the hell is going on?!?&#8221;  </p>

<p>and so now i&#8217;m torn between trying to do something cool with my research/career to excuse it (which is unlikely) and considering a change in field with an eventual change in citizenship (which is a lot of trouble).  </p>


huh. did someone have a bad day?

By lani 15 Oct 2002

got this in my browser. i imagine some pissed of technician taking it out on a little known error. heh heh heh.


&#8212; Unfortunately, Microsoft has added a clever new

&#8212; &#8220;feature&#8221; to Internet Explorer. If the text in

&#8212; an error&#8217;s message is &#8220;too small&#8221;, specifically

&#8212; less than 512 bytes, Internet Explorer returns

&#8212; its own error message. Yes, you can turn that

&#8212; off, but <strong>surprise</strong> it&#8217;s pretty tricky to find

&#8212; buried as a switch called &#8220;smart error

&#8212; messages&#8221; That means, of course, that many of

&#8212; Resin&#8217;s error messages are censored by default.

&#8212; And, of course, you&#8217;ll be shocked to learn that

&#8212; <span class=”caps”>IIS</span> always returns error messages that are long

&#8212; enough to make Internet Explorer happy. The

&#8212; workaround is pretty simple: pad the error

&#8212; message with a big comment to push it over the

&#8212; five hundred and twelve byte minimum. Of course,

&#8212; that&#8217;s exactly what you&#8217;re reading right now.



By lani 03 Oct 2002

i’ve heard mixed reviews about snuff (the tobacco kind). some people like the different flavors that can be tasted in reassurance that yes those mucous membranes really are connected up the way they say. there’s no real good way to put what the opponents of snuff say. pretty much all i’ve heard is, “it’s gross.” my fascination is with the snuff boxes mostly. those tiny ornate boxes took up an entire shelf in ‘orphan annies’ and rendered the fullness of antiquity…not just an anachronistic objet but the element.

<p>in the world of tobacco, snuff is immediacy without spitting.  plus, something historically tells me that anything taken from the nose goes straight to the bloodstream and then to the brain.</p>

<p>this is the summation of my life at this moment.  as is.</p> 


By lani 29 Jul 2002

so i finally snuck in a successful suggestion to barcode our inventory in the lab. the boss has given it the ok. i’m so exited, but also worried because if i don’t pick a system that will really be convenient for everyone, it might not get used. i figure we’ll barcode at least the chemicals and supplies.

<p>i keep eyeing the $1500 distance scanners with IR beam capabilities, but i think that might be a bit excessive.  but think of all the fun!  we could put the lauryl sulfate on the top shelf, step down (if you&#8217;re my height), shoot the barcodes of the bottle and the shelf it&#8217;s on, and then IR the information back to a computer.  it would be great.  <strong>sigh</strong></p>

<p>so anyone with any barcoding fantasies they would like me to try and bring to life, please share.</p>