Big Brother is old and tired...

By Mark Boudreau 31 May 2002

<p>However, I can&#8217;t think of what else to call these changes in law enforcement and government surveillance. The <span class="caps">FBI</span> is going to be allowed to go to any public gathering to &#8220;look for signs of terrorism.&#8221; And although the administration is promising that this increased surveillance will only be used to fight terrorism, that can change at any time. Also, I question how we know that the <span class="caps">FBI</span> isn&#8217;t moving back towards the J. Edgar Hoover days when they had files on most citizens.</p>

<p>Do these changes bother anyone else? Do cameras in public places used by law enforcement go too far in monitoring our society? Does the fact that the <span class="caps">FBI</span> will be able to access commercial databases whether they have a case based need bother anyone else? Or is this all necessary if we want to be safe from terrorism?</p>

<p>I&#8217;m sure you all can guess where I stand.</p> 

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