By Mark Boudreau 29 Jan 2003

So Bush just laid out a very unimpressive State of the Union speech. It wasn’t the hodge podge of spending sprees that Clinton was so famous for, but there was little in there for me to cheer about.

<p>Tax cuts? Good. Social Security private accounts? Good. Everything else? Well, lets just say that the amount of money and power that the government is going to be wielding offends my limited government sensibilities.</p>

<p>But at least we had some good Bushisms, which included &#8220;Hitlerism&#8221;, &#8220;wonder-working power&#8221;, and I&#8217;ll never forget this quote:</p>

<p>&#8220;And many others have met a different fate. Let&#8217;s put it this way: They are no longer a problem to the United States and our friends and allies.&#8221; </p>

<p>If you didn&#8217;t see Bush put his arm on the podium, and do his best movie star tough guy impersonation, well you missed some high comedy. Not to mention the people I were with were taking a drink every time Bush said &#8220;nuculer.&#8221; Fun stuff.</p> 

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