Grr, I say! Grr!

By Mark Boudreau 08 Feb 2003

Have you ever tried writing a application or a class from a book? I was writing a SMTP Mail Class in php from a pretty decent Wrox book (Professional PHP4). Everything was straight forward and I was getting a good lesson in object oriented coding. However, the code was wrong in a number of ways (functions misnamed, processes insufficient). Not to mention the fact that the code that the book provides for download was wrong in ways completely different than the code as it was written in the book. Have anyone else had this kind of trouble with books on Programming? You’d think they would at least run the code before they publish it.

<p>On the bright side of things, debugging this class taught me a lot more about socket programming and <span class="caps">SMTP</span> calls than I would have known before. </p>


Tags: php programming frustration