Shoving Will Protect You

by quiet Fri 13 Sep 2002 12:35:46

Check this out. Won first place in it’s category at a games demo contest. Pretty addictive.

TAGS: pushing shoving


i managed to get a 0 once. my high is 170854

Do you have any tips for getting ultra, mega super scores? My best is about 60k.

get massive head contusions on the top step. go for the extremities and get the character to twirl around and faceplant

If you push the right foot, and set your heading to around 180, and pitch to around 77, and push as hard as you can, you can get the guy to fall straight down on his ass, and just rock back and forth, registering hits the whole time, until the timer runs out. Discovered this bug by accident. I've got one of the all-time high scores now, I think it's still in the 50's.

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