Poem: Cat Bite

By sarah 25 Jan 2002

Cat Bite

<p>The tiny kitten black and white  upon my window sill did climb.</p>

<p>Mewing most pathetically and crying all the time.</p>

<p>My heart opened up to her and I held her warm and close</p>

<p>she looked at me with bitterness, eyes dark and morose.</p>

<p>I sang songs in my broken voice to share with her my love</p>

<p>with cooing verse, and nuzzling her, my little turtle-dove.</p>

<p>When I thought she accepted me, I relaxed a bit my grip</p>

<p>she batted fingers play fully, and I let her take a nip.</p>

<p>The little bitch, she hissed at me and then her teeth struck home</p>

<p>biting down with all her might, piercing finger down to bone.</p>

<p>I though to smash her brains to bits against the marble floor</p>

<p>then grab the fucking sodden mass and hurl it from the door.</p>

<p>But still my heart when out to her, the sickly little kitty</p>

<p>her life had been a misery, of terror without pity.</p>

<p>I did what I was wont to do, this waif of dark delight</p>

<p>and brought her close up to my lips that dark and stormy night, </p>

<p>and gave her what she gave to me, a bite down to the bone&#8230;</p>

<p>[needs a conclusion&#8230; for when I get up.]</p>