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By sarah 28 Oct 2002

I miss hanging out here. But I don’t know what got me off the rhythm. Perhaps I could change it. Hmmm… I think this place is one where I feel I have to a) be smart and b) be witty. LJ has neither requirements.


<p>Happy halloween.</p> 

Interesting thraxil inconsistencies.

By sarah 19 Jul 2002 leaves me with a blank page. And when I uploaded an image, a) it uploaded and then gave me an error that the .jpg was not in the right file format. Then when I tried to upload it again, it said that I uploaded it already.

<p>And I can&#8217;t find where the picture was uploaded to. Hmmm&#8230;</p> 

Moving beyond montana

By sarah 30 May 2002

Ok, it is done. I just singed up for an account with for only $99/yr with shell access and all major food groups. may be offline or wierd for the next couple of days… I hope that that’s enough for Thraxil… Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

<p>Telnet/SSH Access</p>

<p><span class="caps">CGI</span>-Bin, Perl 5.005    </p>

<p>ChiliSoft <span class="caps">ASP</span>  </p>

<p><span class="caps">PHP</span> 3  </p>

<p><span class="caps">PHP</span> 4  </p>

<p>Server Side Includes (.shtml)</p>

<p>MySQL 3.23   </p>

<p>InterBase 6 <span class="caps">SQL</span>    </p>

<p>Postgres <span class="caps">SQL</span></p> 

I might be moving to Montana soon...

By sarah 26 May 2002

Gonna be a mental toss flycoon.

<p>Ya, moving, soon, I hope, my web hosting. I&#8217;ve had a wonderful time with my support team,but it is time to become the total control freak that I am. I found a place, just a little place off the beaten track (<a href=""></p>

<p></a>) that will mean that I can do what I want without causing any problems, which I don&#8217;t want to do any more than necessary. But it is usually necessary&#8230; And necessity is the Mothers of Invention [sic].</p>

<p>And the goal: to <span class="caps">THRAXILATE</span>!</p>

<p>Existence is Purile!</p>

<p>You will be misthraxilated.</p> 

Yobity Bla Wa Waaaa...

By sarah 26 May 2002

Nothing much, nothing special. Motivated by testing. I’m playing with NS7PR1, donchaknow. I thought it would be the nice thing to do seeing that I have started using MZ as my main squeeze.

<p>It is nice. The screen looks better, less fuzziness. More crisp if possible. It does some slightly strange things to thraxil, but you don&#8217;t need to know that&#8230; I&#8217;m using <span class="caps">SOX</span>, which is a Mac implimentation for dyslexics. But it&#8217;s <span class="caps">NOT</span> <span class="caps">OATMEAL</span>! The only thing that I think will keep me from using it regularly is that it wants to register me. I don&#8217;t like it. But I guess I could change my name to Mille Thraxil or something.</p> 

Would that it were so

By sarah 14 May 2002

One of the banes of my existence… sand fleas in august are the collective other one… is that I try and keep multiple journals. Some are easy… the paper one in my little book. The poetry blog is slightly better… there are only 2 on sarahsmiles, one on my computer and 5 livejournal groups. You get the picture. What would be coolest, and I’m working on it elsewhere, would be the following… and I’m talking to Anders(Redux)… there’s a form field in settings where we can specify a URL. And that url would server to suck into Thraxil our external blog and dump it in a css/dhtml layer. Someone said I might be able to do it with an iFrame tag. But I forgot what iframes were called until this second.

<p>Even more cooler, a new form of whine cooler, would be to have thraxil tags you could put in outher page what would only include the info from that page within the tags&#8230; like just the content.</p>

<p>Hmmm&#8230; there&#8217;s thinking going on here. Maybe I can do some of this without the whine.</p> 

Dreaming of You

By sarah 01 May 2002

I had a dream about Thraxil last night. It is my first dream about anything online, and I hope it never happens again. Luckily I forgot most of it… but there was an Anders-type and a Lani-type, and I guess a Tuck and Emile or two. We were in New York. I’ve never been to New York… and it was more like New York meets Gotham City meets a glass and marble shopping mall designer’s wet dream. And we were going to a party, and we were all in a very large washroom ‘freshing up’, and psyching ourselves up. I’m used to co-ed washrooms. Then we went up to the party. I woke up realizing I had to take a pee.

<p>The question is why I would think it was New York, and full of Thraxilites&#8230; but I did. Everyone even talked like they do, in my mind. Though I&#8217;d never thought of that either. I think it was in New York because Anders was being cocky like Sienfeld (which I&#8217;ve never seen an epsiode of) and Lani sounded like &#8220;The Nanny&#8221; which is as popular in France as Jerry Lewis was, I think.</p>

<p>I hope this wierds you out less than it did me.</p> 

Cooking with Lani on LJ

By sarah 15 Apr 2002

Question. Why do I feel more comfortable talking with Lani on LJ than here? Why do I find Thraxil, which is cooler than LJ by a mile, and soemthing I’m dying for as one of my own, more intimidating? Why am I more scared of looking like an idiot here? I can look like an idiot anywhere. It must be me. I’ll resolve to be more of an idiot everywhere… and find happiness that way.

100 in 100

By sarah 11 Apr 2002

Dear Diary;

<p>I don&#8217;t say much these days. And not too much otheer times&#8230; but I&#8217;ve been busy. I just finished 100 poems in 100 days on <a href="">Sarah Smiles&#8217; LiveJournal</a>. It was great to do them on LJ because there were so many people cheering eachother on. Now I&#8217;m tired and wondering what to do next.</p>

<p>Just thought I&#8217;d share.</p> 

Poem in the place of content.

By sarah 05 Apr 2002

No need to comment on the poetics, it is just the closest thing to a diary entry I could imagine… and it is datestamped… at least in my mind.

<p>The Persephone Year</p>

<p>The Persephone year, my trap</p>

<p>of endless night broken</p>

<p>by days of dark slumber,</p>

<p>never returns</p>

<p>me to a morning </p>

<p>spring of bright delight.</p>

<p>Seven bloody seeds stain</p>

<p>my lips and my soul,</p>

<p>etched with the smoke</p>

<p>memory of their lives.</p>

<p>Seven songs play on my tongue</p>

<p>and I am left to siren</p>

<p>their memories in the place of my own.</p>