Would that it were so

By sarah 14 May 2002

One of the banes of my existence… sand fleas in august are the collective other one… is that I try and keep multiple journals. Some are easy… the paper one in my little book. The poetry blog is slightly better… there are only 2 on sarahsmiles, one on my computer and 5 livejournal groups. You get the picture. What would be coolest, and I’m working on it elsewhere, would be the following… and I’m talking to Anders(Redux)… there’s a form field in settings where we can specify a URL. And that url would server to suck into Thraxil our external blog and dump it in a css/dhtml layer. Someone said I might be able to do it with an iFrame tag. But I forgot what iframes were called until this second.

<p>Even more cooler, a new form of whine cooler, would be to have thraxil tags you could put in outher page what would only include the info from that page within the tags&#8230; like just the content.</p>

<p>Hmmm&#8230; there&#8217;s thinking going on here. Maybe I can do some of this without the whine.</p> 

Tags: divine intervention