Moving beyond montana

By sarah 30 May 2002

Ok, it is done. I just singed up for an account with for only $99/yr with shell access and all major food groups. may be offline or wierd for the next couple of days… I hope that that’s enough for Thraxil… Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

<p>Telnet/SSH Access</p>

<p><span class="caps">CGI</span>-Bin, Perl 5.005    </p>

<p>ChiliSoft <span class="caps">ASP</span>  </p>

<p><span class="caps">PHP</span> 3  </p>

<p><span class="caps">PHP</span> 4  </p>

<p>Server Side Includes (.shtml)</p>

<p>MySQL 3.23   </p>

<p>InterBase 6 <span class="caps">SQL</span>    </p>

<p>Postgres <span class="caps">SQL</span></p> 

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