cd shopping

By tuck 09 Jun 2002

i found a great cd store today and grabbed a bunch of shit, all for around $2.00 each. the highlights are:

<p>Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Murder Ballads</p>

<p><span class="caps">NIN</span>: All that Could Have Been</p>

<p>Napalm Death (double): Harmony Corruption and Leaders Not Followers</p>

<p>Dizzy Gallespie: Coolworld (1965)</p>

<p>Bud Powell: Hot House  (1964, France)(cool because he was pretty brain damaged at this point and since its a live, small venue recording, you can hear these grotesque, inhuman grunts and squeaks coming from him on all his solos&#8230; all of which are entirely distracting). hes a pianist, btw. </p>

<p>Type O Negative: After Dark (<span class="caps">VCD</span> with home video footage, plus videos for Black Number 1, Christian Woman, My Girlfriends Girlfriend, Love You to Death, Cinnamon Girl, Everything Dies, and fucking cool backstage stuff reminiscent of Panteras home video Watch It Go.  </p>

<p>because i was so impressed with the diversity of the music selection of this tiny shop, i also picked a bunch of random death metal which i wasnt familiar with.  my criteria for selection was: coolness of cover art, coolness of band name, and coolness of track names.  one of the picks was called Lacrimosa- and this ended up surprising me, pleasantly. its actually opera music, mostly sung in german.  its playing now.</p>


<p>its entirely listenable. theres a full classical orchestra, occasionally classical guitar, all behind some calm and collected vocals by some german dude, or his totally hot dudette. </p>

<p>basically, this seems to be sort of a sedated Theater of Tragedy.  the two occasionally seem to be singing in response to each other, sometimes together in harmony.  and oooh, as im writing now, it just started to get a little faster with some borderline metal guitar. this has potential to be great if the dude starts getting angry or something.   </p>

<p>err.  its staying slowish.</p>

<p>losing me now.</p>

<p>hmpf. </p>

<p>whoa, kick ass!   its Dich Zu Toten Mir Schwer (track 6) and the dudette just got totally pissed off at something and yelled over some heavy metal riffs before a while.</p>

<p>dammit. the dude came back and is pissing me off now. he killed the metal. neat bubbly septic tank sounds though&#8230;</p>

<p>yeehaw! picked up again! (please, pah-lease let the chick come back!)</p>

<p>gaaa.  shes gone.</p>

<p>but wait&#8230; wait, wait, wait&#8230;.  this is pretty cool. an angel chorus is now chanting Sanctus&#8230;      Sanctus&#8230;..      Sanctus&#8230;   Dominus&#8230;.   over and over.  </p>

<p>and now other stuff i cant make out. </p>

<p>yeah man, Sanctus! Sanctus!  hehe.  </p>

<p>two mood-dependent thumbs up for Lacrimosa.</p> 

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