By tuck 08 Jul 2002

although its just a side project, ive started a business, and im trying to make it the best it can possibly be. ive managed to acquire some resources here which no one else has, or can, and im in a good position to build a really solid foundation for what could be a truly kickass service with good, honest intentions, and born of a desire to support what i feel to be an important area of study.

<p>visit the <b><a href="">page,</a></b> and tell me what you think.  try to go through all the menus and learn about what im offering and get a feel for things.  right now you guys are the only real source of input i have.  from the ground up, i built  around what i conceptualized as the most complete, appealing program which i would have enjoyed being a part of while having the goals that i did upon first deciding to leave for china. all the ideas, all the writing, even the schools name- its all my creation.  so hack it all apart and tell me where things suck, and im sure theyre many places which do suck,  if you have time.</p>

<p>ive kept the focus small because im just starting. this is just something to gain experience and fix the bugs.  once a season or two pass, my eventual goal is to make this more of a cultural immersion program which uses  martial arts training to achieve a deeper knowledge and understanding of various lessons in oriental philosophy. as it is now, philosophy is more of a byproduct of the training instead of the purpose. as mentioned,  with the help of some professors, i eventually want it to be the other way around. </p>

<p>i know some pictures need to be changed because theyre lame, but i had no others available. also, a couple violate copywrite laws, probably. but replacements are coming. </p>

<p>my partner/roommate/pal  morgan (of vermont, total metal-head) is going to be on an <span class="caps">ABC</span> Newsmagazine special about his training here (and i get a few comments in there too, but unfortunately i have to talk about him hehe) and hes going to mention the business and the page. its kind of crucial that it be a real solid url since a few million people will be learning about it in a few weeks.</p>

<p>were shooting to have the first real load of students this feb, and a megaload (20-25) for next august.</p> 

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