the searchable archive/database answer for OSX users

By tuck 11 Jun 2004

i’ve been looking around, asking questions and getting various suggestions for an application that can help me work more efficiently with my giant collection of documents and articles. i often need to find stuff that i know i have, someplace, but can’t remember the title or what folder i may have put it in. someone in a forum suggested i take a look at Devonthink and, in an absolute rarity, this is exactly what i was looking for. exactly.

<p>incredibly simple, stable and open. you just drag any of the supported file types (just about every common text encoding, including .html, .xml, etc) into the app&#8217;s field, and the text is, from that point, rendered entirely searchable by keyword or category. i dropped 8 gigs of data into it (my entire documents folder, mostly .pdfs, .html, .rtfs), and in a flash, my entire library is now keyword searchable&#8212; i mean the actual contents of every file, not just names or abstracts, is now searchable. search results come up sorted by hit count. </p>

<p>you can actually drop your entire media collection in too.</p>

<p>&#8230;this basically has replaced the Finder for me (<span class="caps">OSX</span>)</p>

<p>i&#8230;   love this.</p> 

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