By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 17 Jul 2005

If anyone is in the market for a versatile projector, I add InFocus’s X-line to your inspection. I just bought one, and I like to so far. It’s a little annoying to position for specific sizes. It’s not a TV, so it comes with limited inputs, but they all do. As for its clearity, lumens, and affordability - I want to have sex with this thing. You can get a similar older model, with half the lumens, for almost half the price, but I don’t know what that will do in the daytime.

Anyway… Check out InFocus’ ScreenPlay 777 if you really want to wish you had stupid amounts of money to waste on crap that make you feel like life would be better if you owned it, and then bought it and were still miserable, but miserable with stupid amounts of high-definition.