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Scanner for Anders...

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 01 Feb 2006

Hey anders. Check out the HP scanjet 4670. I got one for xmas. It sits on an easel, and hinges forward. But, it’s not actually attatched to the easel. So, you can simply pick it up and lay it over a larger image (like all your paintings), scanning pieces of it at a time. The top is made of glass, so you can see the alignment. It comes with software to realign larger images once it has all been scanned in. And there’s even a small device that connects to it to scan photo negatives and slides. Which is cool, if you like to work with film ever now and then. Anyway… I keep meaning to mention it to you, but you’re never up as late as I am, so here is this crappy post on your cool site.


By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 17 Jul 2005

If anyone is in the market for a versatile projector, I add InFocus’s X-line to your inspection. I just bought one, and I like to so far. It’s a little annoying to position for specific sizes. It’s not a TV, so it comes with limited inputs, but they all do. As for its clearity, lumens, and affordability - I want to have sex with this thing. You can get a similar older model, with half the lumens, for almost half the price, but I don’t know what that will do in the daytime.

Anyway… Check out InFocus’ ScreenPlay 777 if you really want to wish you had stupid amounts of money to waste on crap that make you feel like life would be better if you owned it, and then bought it and were still miserable, but miserable with stupid amounts of high-definition.


By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 17 Jul 2005

27. What the hell do you do with a number like that? Well…. Eight more years, and I can run for president.

My thingy is broken

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 06 Jul 2005

I think my thingy is broken, I dunno. No matter what resolution I put it at, my thraxil browser always puts the images and post responses at the bottom of the page. There’s just a wide left margin where the pics and bookmarks used to go, and everything other than the posts are clumped at the bottom of the page – which makes for some serious scrolling. Is this just me, or is this happening to everyone? Also, I haven’t been able to post is a while. It keeps erroring me, but since I don’t program, I stare at it like the loser I am. Other than that – how was everyone’s 4th? Anders, did you set anything on fire? I broke some shit. It was pretty fun, but I forgot my camera – so no pictures. Sorry.


By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 05 Apr 2005

Holy crap! I think I’ve reached an alltime high in boredom. What the hell does one do when one has such apathy for all things? You know when you get to the point of realization that everything you do is just killing time? I hate that, but this time, it’s beyond that. It’s like… I hit that several years ago, in Arizona. Now, it’s just pervasive, and I can’t even justify sleeping as a reasonable thing to do.

Reunion at Bubba's

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 27 Nov 2004

I’m not really about to go into it now. I’m at my parents’, and am about to go to my bro’s, but you MSSM guys will smile at this thought…. Jesse Anderson, Dave Lydon, and Jeff Spencer running into one another all at once from seperate directions in a bar/club called “Bubba’s.” Then… of all things…. Jesse dancing to 80’s music, Jeff Spencer’s girlfriend (Nadine) talking about how Jeff almost made state representative last year, and Dave Lydon… well shit… being Dave. I just sat back and watched the three, mostly Jesse getting jiggy with it on a disco-style flashing dance flor – his twisted/braided up beard and all. What a god time. Hey Anders… we should make something explode when you come home for Xmas!

Sons of B*&$^'s!!

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 27 Jul 2004

I work constantly. CONSTANTLY. I get up at 2am, shower, and get into the news room by 3am, to work a six and a half hour shift. Then, I get home by 10-10:30, to get four-4&1/2 hours of sleep so I can work another six and a half hour shift managing a convenience store. So… When I get a call when I’m not at work, I’m not happy, because if I’m not at work, I’m in bed.

<p>My sister called me in the middle of the night.  Her &#8220;friends&#8221; called her at work, and offered to pick her up.  They were to hang out for the evening.  She thus went out with them, and at some point in the night they informed her that she would need her own ride home.  This was long after hours for parents to come pick up a fully grown woman some thirty miles away.  She waited it out as one of the &#8220;friends&#8221; said he would take her home, reluctantly.  They went into a pizza parlor around midnight, two hours past when she said she should be home by.  After their first meal, they decided to get more food, which they said they would not do.  Then, all of them proceeded to pound back beer after beer, leaving no-one fit to drive home except my sister.</p>

<p>Finally, around one in the morning, they stagger out of the pizza joint, arguing with her, bitching at her for being a pest, and wanting to be manly men and drive their own drunk asses home.  After a big yelling and pissing contest, my sister is in the driver&#8217;s seat, and they begin toking it up in the car.  My sister and I have very strict rules when it comes to drugs and alcohol concerning vehicles.  I don&#8217;t care if you&#8217;re free-basing next to me, but if we&#8217;re in a car, and especially if I am driving, you&#8217;re a fucking dillhole.  So..  To make this long thing as short as I can from here on out&#8230; The cops tail my sister for some time, then I get a call from her.</p>

<p>Luckily, my sister did not go to prison, nor incur any fines.  The cop gave her no trouble, but she did find herself stranded far from home.  I had to be late to work, after getting no sleep to begin with because some pricks don&#8217;t understand the concept of &#8220;tact.&#8221;</p>

<p>If you offer to pick someone up, you&#8217;re offering to take that person home.<br />

If you are not driving the vehicle, even if you are the owner of the vehicle, you should be subscribing to the comfort zones of the driver &#8211; <span class=”caps”>ESPECIALLY</span> when the driver is doing you a <span class=”caps”>HUGE</span> favor and driving your drunk ass home because you are too adolescent to drink responsibly.<br /> If you fuck with my sister, you&#8217;re going to find your car exploding when you hit a hefty speed-bump because I have deflated your tires and refilled them with hydrogen.</p>

<p>I&#8217;m not angry about the phone call.  I am very glad my sister called, that I could help her out, and that she looks to me for help and advice.  I&#8217;m angry, as you can see, about this S.O.B. that has no tact, commom sense, or dignity.  I swear I would be a much more violent man if it were not illegal to be so.  But, I suppose a couple of punches won&#8217;t get me in too much trouble.  And it will make me, and my sister, feel better.</p> 

More Japanese Technology

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 01 Jul 2004

So… Now Japan is working on a new cellphone that has no speaker. Instead, it has a miniature vibrator that vibrates the tendons in the arm and resonated through the bones of the hand. To answer the phone, you simply click your fingers together, and to talk, you simply raise your hand to your head, and stick your finger on or in your ear. The phone is a wrist watch with a tiny module for the vibrator on the back side of the wrist. What I want to know is: How long before we see those inside the vending machines?

<p>In addendum:  Beyond this technology, the phone maker is researching fiber optic technology that will allow him to create tiny video screens, and phones that can be sewn into the cuffs of shirts, and just as thin as the thick starchy cuff itself.  He already has several uses for this phone, as his current ones allow you to dispense dog food, open and close curtains, activate lighting, and even broadcast live video to the burglar stealing your TV, should your home alarm go off.</p> 

No Sleep

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 25 Jun 2004

Oh my freak’n God, no sleep. No sleep. I’ve gone very long periods without sleep before, but I was young, and I had nowhere to be each day. This is rediculous! It’s been four days. Four days! I don’t know if I’m going to make it through the last two hours of work. But here’s the kicker… (Kicker… ha… God-damned news jargon.) … the kicker… If I do make it through, which I know I will because I’m just that kind of worker.. When I get home, after almost passing out at the wheel… I’ll be completely awake! And then, when I want to be completely awake tonight for a date with a hot model, back from Madrid… I’m won’t be able to keep my eyes on her, because I won’t be able to keep them open. Good God, why is there no sleep? Do I need to get to Brooklyn? Must I assemble the rest of the Warriors and make it back to Coney Island? What the hell, man? WHAT THE HELL?!!