Scanner for Anders...

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 01 Feb 2006

Hey anders. Check out the HP scanjet 4670. I got one for xmas. It sits on an easel, and hinges forward. But, it’s not actually attatched to the easel. So, you can simply pick it up and lay it over a larger image (like all your paintings), scanning pieces of it at a time. The top is made of glass, so you can see the alignment. It comes with software to realign larger images once it has all been scanned in. And there’s even a small device that connects to it to scan photo negatives and slides. Which is cool, if you like to work with film ever now and then. Anyway… I keep meaning to mention it to you, but you’re never up as late as I am, so here is this crappy post on your cool site.

Tags: hp scanner imaging