#1 scheme of the morning

By lani 22 May 2002

first a window into my gross personal habits. namely, throwing all kinds of crap into a bag and then insisting on carrying them around. (yes, someone actually nicknamed me walking gypsy carravan as a second grader…)

<p>anyway, more proof that mixing things up into a bag (or large chemical mixer) can sometimes yield great discoveries because chance is often better at it than i am.  (you just have to take the right chances, maximize probability that is, or be willing to wait -> infinity&#8230;there&#8217;s the rub.)  i discovered that a layer of tobacco had crusted over the the lip of my lip gloss.  i was going to wipe it off and make a grossed out face&#8230;but 180&#8217;d and decided that fate was telling me something.  [a sweet, sweet whisper]  so i decided to rub it into the gloss instead.  i don&#8217;t know if my aromatic neurotoxin of choice will eventually seep out into the gloss, but at least it got me on the right track.  </p>

<p>project #458a2: try to extract nicotine from tobacco leaves or snuff and suspend in reconstituted lip gloss.  (it can be a &#8220;demonstration&#8221; for the summer students&#8230;what! it worked for yura and the .25M falcon tube of crystallized caffeine he keeps in his desk)</p>

<p>(oh yeah)</p>

<p>project #459b9: experiment with conductive ink pen available from radio shack to see if we can draw circuitry on our bodies.  (i volunteered yura as guinea pig&#8230;hmm&#8230;wait&#8230;another use for summer students!)</p> 

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