Shit: another poem.

By sarah 24 Feb 2002

Shit: noun, verb, exclamation, denegration;

<p>the &#8216;final act&#8217; of a great meal.</p>

<p>An act of giving with no expectation of return.</p>

<p>A purging of the purpled prose of life.</p>

 Shit&#8212;it falls with scarce a thought and much relief.

<p>The ultimate act of solitary solidarity with the self.</p>

<p>A woman, giving birth, is not alone,</p>

<p>but here there is no divison of the sexes,</p>

<p>in the ingored, ignoble action </p>

<p>of the cycle of life.</p>

<p>Is poetry that different?</p> 

Tags: poetry defication