Sons of B*&$^'s!!

By Thanh Christopher Nguyen 27 Jul 2004

I work constantly. CONSTANTLY. I get up at 2am, shower, and get into the news room by 3am, to work a six and a half hour shift. Then, I get home by 10-10:30, to get four-4&1/2 hours of sleep so I can work another six and a half hour shift managing a convenience store. So… When I get a call when I’m not at work, I’m not happy, because if I’m not at work, I’m in bed.

<p>My sister called me in the middle of the night.  Her &#8220;friends&#8221; called her at work, and offered to pick her up.  They were to hang out for the evening.  She thus went out with them, and at some point in the night they informed her that she would need her own ride home.  This was long after hours for parents to come pick up a fully grown woman some thirty miles away.  She waited it out as one of the &#8220;friends&#8221; said he would take her home, reluctantly.  They went into a pizza parlor around midnight, two hours past when she said she should be home by.  After their first meal, they decided to get more food, which they said they would not do.  Then, all of them proceeded to pound back beer after beer, leaving no-one fit to drive home except my sister.</p>

<p>Finally, around one in the morning, they stagger out of the pizza joint, arguing with her, bitching at her for being a pest, and wanting to be manly men and drive their own drunk asses home.  After a big yelling and pissing contest, my sister is in the driver&#8217;s seat, and they begin toking it up in the car.  My sister and I have very strict rules when it comes to drugs and alcohol concerning vehicles.  I don&#8217;t care if you&#8217;re free-basing next to me, but if we&#8217;re in a car, and especially if I am driving, you&#8217;re a fucking dillhole.  So..  To make this long thing as short as I can from here on out&#8230; The cops tail my sister for some time, then I get a call from her.</p>

<p>Luckily, my sister did not go to prison, nor incur any fines.  The cop gave her no trouble, but she did find herself stranded far from home.  I had to be late to work, after getting no sleep to begin with because some pricks don&#8217;t understand the concept of &#8220;tact.&#8221;</p>

<p>If you offer to pick someone up, you&#8217;re offering to take that person home.<br />

If you are not driving the vehicle, even if you are the owner of the vehicle, you should be subscribing to the comfort zones of the driver &#8211; <span class=”caps”>ESPECIALLY</span> when the driver is doing you a <span class=”caps”>HUGE</span> favor and driving your drunk ass home because you are too adolescent to drink responsibly.<br /> If you fuck with my sister, you&#8217;re going to find your car exploding when you hit a hefty speed-bump because I have deflated your tires and refilled them with hydrogen.</p>

<p>I&#8217;m not angry about the phone call.  I am very glad my sister called, that I could help her out, and that she looks to me for help and advice.  I&#8217;m angry, as you can see, about this S.O.B. that has no tact, commom sense, or dignity.  I swear I would be a much more violent man if it were not illegal to be so.  But, I suppose a couple of punches won&#8217;t get me in too much trouble.  And it will make me, and my sister, feel better.</p> 

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