introducing cgi_app

By anders pearson 10 Feb 2004

i spent many years writing CGI applications in perl. lately, i’ve been writing more and more code in python.

even perl's detractors have to admit that perl has an amazing collection of high quality modules available for just about anything you want to do. as much as i've been liking python, when it comes to CGI programming, there were some niceties i missed.

in particular, the powerful combination of CGI, CGI::Application, and HTML::Template made writing well organized web applications with display logic and business logic cleanly seperated a breeze.

so, scratching an itch, i've ported CGI::Application to python, incorporating some basic like functionality and integrating with Tomas Styblo's HTML::Template clone.

if you haven't moved on to something more sophisticated like Zope or mod_python and just want to write simple CGI applications in python without a lot of hassle, check out my new cgi_app module.

Tags: programming perl cgi python