By lani 03 Oct 2002

i’ve heard mixed reviews about snuff (the tobacco kind). some people like the different flavors that can be tasted in reassurance that yes those mucous membranes really are connected up the way they say. there’s no real good way to put what the opponents of snuff say. pretty much all i’ve heard is, “it’s gross.” my fascination is with the snuff boxes mostly. those tiny ornate boxes took up an entire shelf in ‘orphan annies’ and rendered the fullness of antiquity…not just an anachronistic objet but the element.

<p>in the world of tobacco, snuff is immediacy without spitting.  plus, something historically tells me that anything taken from the nose goes straight to the bloodstream and then to the brain.</p>

<p>this is the summation of my life at this moment.  as is.</p>