Optic Nerve

By lani 20 Apr 2002

so i finally made it to the Giant Robot store. my pilgrammage is complete.

<p>i had to walk around in West LA, not knowing if there was a difference between Avenues and Boulevards.  My sister told me that the address on their page said Ave. but the one i could find on the scant bus map was Boulevard. I guess people use them interchangeably in LA.  You&#8217;d be lost in Northern Virginia, but i think they do that on purpose so they can christianize you or use you for target practice</p>

<p>anyway, i finally bought Sleepwalk (Optic Nerve 1-4 collection) after pouring over many a review.    Eric (one of the makers of Giant Robot!) noticed me browsing and asked me if i was a fan.  i had to admit that i hadn&#8217;t read any yet.  just the reviews.  the guys at GR are were pretty nice and gave me a poster for the new Optic Nerve collection coming out in the summer to fuel my future addiction. i had to leave after insisting on pictures and announcing myself as the paparazzi of GR.  good thing i can hide out in DC.</p>

<p>but i read most of Sleepwalk on various forms of transportation from LA to Claremont, and i love it.  i&#8217;m already a fan.  sometimes it strikes a little too close to home though.  close to home is good.  a little too close to home is creepy.</p> 

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